NIST Round 1 Candidates

Another Classification of SHA-3 Candidates

Ewan Fleischmann, Christian Forler, and Michael Gorski have done a classification of the candidates. Their article is up on the IACR ePrint Archive, amusingly, it is article #511 for the year.

Another Java Implementation.

There is another Java implementation of Skein-512-512 by the H2 Database folks.

5.99 clocks per byte in C++!

I got this report today. The Intel C++ v11 compiler gives better code than Doug's assembler.

An implementation of Skein in Java

Maarten Bodewes has created an implementation of Skein in Java. It matches our test vectors. You can find his page here.

An Engineering Evaluation of SHA-3 candidates

Niels has started a page of SHA-3 engineering comparisons. You can find it on the top menu bar here, as well as from the page

New versions of Skein paper and sample code.

There are two bugs in the Skein code. They are subtle and esoteric, but they're there. We have revised both the reference and optimized code -- and provided new test vectors. A revision of the paper -- Version 1.1 -- has new IVs, new test vectors, and also fixes a few typos in the paper. There is also a revised version of the NIST submission CD.

The SHA3 Zoo

A web site called The SHA-3 Zoo can be found at It has lists of all SHA-3 submissions, including Skein.