Skein for Microchip's MCU PIC18F45K20

Romeo Costanza writes:

From: Romeo Costanzo
Subject: R: Skein code release
Date: July 21, 2011 7:08:31 AM PDT
To: Jon Callas

Hi Jon,

in the attached file you'll find the following:
1. mlskntst.asm is the test driver
2. mlsknalg.asm contains the implementation of skein-512-512 and skein-mac
3. contains few definitions and macros
Please put it in your site; the code is free for non-commercial and commercial

The target is the Microchip's MCU PIC18F45K20; target IDE: "MPLAB IDE v 8.73".
Please don't publish my email address (I receive too much spam ...)

Great Competition; best luck to all !!
Ciao, Romeo